Saturday, 14 February 2015

6 Travel Mishaps

barcelona camp nou

- When we were in Barcelona we were on a bus back to our hotel. We saw the hotel and determined the next stop would mean we would end up right outside - But oh no. It took us on the motorway and round the outer city resulting in an hour and half round trip before we ended up back at our hotel. Thank God the bus driver was a cool dude.

- In Egypt we got a taxi from our hotel to the centre of Sharm El Sheik. Unbeknown to us the taxi driver rang his brother (or whatever he was) and arranged for him to meet us at the taxi rank and hustle us into a dodgy side street shop. From here we were badgered constantly to spend money and felt too intimidated to leave. After half an hour of trying to be polite Jody told him we had to leave as we were meeting people and we ran out of there.

- Another Barcelona story! We booked on and being the donuts that we are we didn't realise until last minute that our flight home left from Reus. Meaning a 5am wake up call, an hour long train ride down the coast and a taxi to the tiniest airport ever. We saw a lot of Spain that way but man it was scary not knowing where we were.

port vell

- In Edinburgh we didn't have change for the bus back to our B'n'B so we decided to walk back to it. Que a 4 mile walk in the slowly darkening day, using only my photographic memory. To be honest we had a lot of fun but still, if we had been anywhere else it could have been bad for us.

- Once upon a time when I was a ditzy, over excited kid, like 8 or 9?, I got out of my nannie's car on the way to Wales and managed to loose a purse with £100 in it. This led to lot's of tears over not being able to buy any tacky 99p store shit or go on the teddy pickers but thankfully, Nannie and Grandad saved the day.

- In Egypt we booked onto a snorkelling trip - Little did we know I get severe motion sickness on boats so I started spewing as soon as we left the harbour and didn't stop until I was back on solid ground. The guides poured ice cold water on my head and made me suck on a lemon to try stop the sickness. Ew.

There you have it - the 6 things that have gone wrong whilst I've been on my travels. Share yours below!


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