Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Caversham Willife Park.

kangaroos and me

To kick off week two in Australia we decided it was the done thing to go and find some native Australian wildlife. As we are both a bit squeamish (and unfit) a bushwalk was out of the question so we followed out housemate's advice and toddled off to Caversham Wildlife Park in Whiteman Park.
One of our main goals in Australia was to see some kangaroo's and Caversham delivered - I promise you I was a lot happier to see the kangaroo's than I look in the above pic! The roo's were pretty tame and aslong as they didn't have lil babba's they were pretty happy to be stroked and fed...Pretty awesome.

a wombat
We also saw this massive beast - Big Buzz the wombat. You could touch his hind legs but apparently he wouldn't have appreciated tickles anywhere else! I won't lie, the smaller wombat's were a little bit cuter but it was still amazing to get so close to him!
(Also how cool is my vest? V.Mermaidy. Billabong, AUD $40)
jody feeding kangaroos
feeding kangaroos

It was 25 Aud for each of us to get in and we spent around two hours there. It was pretty awesome being able to get up close and personal with these cool little critters so we thought it was well worth it. There was loads more stuff to do in Whiteman Park (free entry!) but as we came out of Caversham the temperature had started to climb and we wanted to get back to the air con.
So far I've loved everything we have seen and done in Perth and I can't wait to get our own car and explore a lil bit more!

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