Saturday, 3 January 2015

Australia week #1

A week today we left blighty and in the word's of Alan Carr - 'What a week it's been.' 40 degrees heat, blue skies and equally as blue seas. I've got a new pet, a new home and essentially a whole new life.
Yesterday we had our first PROPER day out. Just me and Jody, no one else, just us two on an adventure day.
Since we got here the guy we are staying with - Jodys BFF - has been with us. He's off work with a dicky ankle so we think he's been a bit bored by himself. Now he's at a wedding in Melbourne so we have a bit more freedom to do what we want to do and discover our own Perth. 
fremantle possum
Yesterday we went to Fremantle which is a half hour drive from the northern suburbs where we live. After an intense start (We got lost) we were finally on our way and followed the coast to this beautiful city.

fremanle market
We went to the famous Fremantle market and we loved the hustle and bustle of it all. We're definitely gunna go back in the near future to do some more poking around and buy some more funky stuff. (I got some pretty cool art prints for our room). We also chowed down on a Swan River beef hotdog from a stall called 'Wassup Dog' - INCREDS. If Jody were to recommend anything we have done so far, it would probably to go get one of those hotdogs...LIKE NOW.
 circus bezerkus
Circus Bizurkus - Street Entertainer (Hilarious BTW)
fremarntle harbour
Fremantle Fishing Harbour

Jody and his new hat. 

fremantle prison
Whilst in Fremantle we also did a bit of nerding out. I'm a history geek so I reaaaaaally wanted to go to the Fremantle prison. I was a bit worried Jody would find it super boring but he actually really liked it...Which was good because I'd have never heard the bloody end of it if it was rubbish.

fremantle prison cell
Hearing about all the british convicts sent over in the 1850's and all the inmates up to 1991 was pretty eerie. The conditions in which the convicts were kept were horrendous - and they built the prison themselves! (Above is the original 1850's cell size- very Harry Potter Cupboard under the stairs-esque right?)

cell art

cell art

cell art
Some of the cells housed some antique prison art - Seriously how amazing are they?!

We also saw the flogging post and the gallows. It was so weird knowing that some poor convicts had stood where we stood and were subjected to brutal punishments. Even weirder was thinking that the last hanging was in the 1960's - Really not that long ago if you think about it.
The tour was about an hour and a half long and cost 20 AUD (just under a tenner) and we want to go back to do some of the other tours they have on offer - including a spooky underground tunnels tour on boats. Our guide, Ian, knew all there was to know about the prison and he kept the tour light and interesting.
SO if you're ever in Perth, or Australia for that matter, you should definitely try and make your way to Fremantle. It's charming, it's unique and the markets are fantastic and fun.


  1. I went to Fremantle one afternoon when I was in Perth but it was SUCH a windy and horrible day! X

    1. Oh that sucks! It's such a cool place, has a really different vibe to the rest of Perth!

  2. I didn't have long in Perth tbh, it was at the end of a tour and then I caught a flight from there to Broome, so just a stop gap really.