Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Australia spends...#2 (Photo Heavy)

If you read my blog last week you will know I turned the ripe old age of 23. So in typical me fashion I used it as an excuse to go and spend some of my hard earned cash in Perth City Centre. Instead of boring you to death with some fancy, descriptive text, I'll share what I got with you via my instagram feed! Oz also has some pretty shit hot January sales so Jode and I got some pretty sweet stuff!

ripcurl watch

A Ripcurl watch from the Mr - Sick of having no idea what time it is here in Oz!

birthday card with bulldogs

My card from my sis - Dogs + Superheroes = AWESOME.

care package

Abirthday delivery from my mum - How well timed?

disney calender

A 2015 calendar from 'Typo' - $5 and VINTAGE DISNEY.  

flip flops

New flip flops - NOT THONGS! ($20)

topshop shorts 

Topshop shorts ($62) - Another gift from the Mr...I had my eyes on these in the Uk but they were to pricy when I was saving! 

After spending all our hard saved cash we ended up going bowling....I wore my daisy dress and looked the business in it...BUT I managed to flash my arse to the bowling security guard dude and it completely threw me off my game and I lost to Jody in a SPECTACULAR fashion.

So yep, a fun, slightly cringy, 23rd birthday.

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  1. Happy Birthday for last week, that calendar is pretty! X