Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Advent Musings...

alpaca mem
December you sly son of a bitch.
Even though you roll round every year, you have once again shocked and terrified us all by coming around even faster than usual. Bang on schedule I've developed a snotty nose and sore throat and the weather has become bitterly cold.
In 26 days I will be on a plane to Australia, on my way to start a new adventure. Deciding to apply for our visa's and take the plunge feels like it only happened last week (when actually it happened in January!) and the clock is quickly ticking away the last couple of weeks I have in the Uk.
Being the super organised penguin that I am, I've got all my Christmas presents sorted, everything is ready for Australia (bar my bag) and now it is just a waiting game.

It's going to be a busy old month me thinks!


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