The JL Christmas Advert Countdown

When it comes to the annual Christmas adverts, for me there is only one winner – John Lewis.
Every year they pull something new and fun – and cute- out of the bag and I look forward to it every year.

With the John Lewis ad’s, there are two types of people:
The ‘Awwww I want a penguin/hare/real life snowman’ people or the ‘What a load of old shit’ people. I fall into the ‘Awww’ category whilst Jody falls into the ‘Shit’ category. (I even featured the penguin ad on my Happiness is post here)

For me personally the ad’s give me that warm, fuzzy, festive feeling and for ten minutes they genuinely make me super happy and make me feel good about the world. For a few moments you forget about all the bad and you are completely suckered into the character’s show of love..They make you want to go out and give all your family a big hug. 

As a person with a heart made of stone (Seriously..Ask my dad/bf/friends) the fact that an advert can make me feel is a big deal…Okay, in reality they’re made to sell, sell, sell but something that makes you feel THAT happy can’t be a bad thing really can it?

As the adverts bring me so much joy, today I bring to you my JL Christmas Ad Countdown!
John Lewis have been spreading the Christmas joy since 2007 but as I have a Dory style memory I can only remember from 2010, so please forgive me!

trying to wrap presents

No 5. 2010’s ‘A Tribute to Givers’.

Ellie Goulding’s cover of the classic ‘Your Song’ accompanied this ad which revolved around various people sneaking around trying to make Crimbo extra special. As I don’t really remember the ad, except for the cracking song, I had to place it at 5 as it obviously wasn’t that memorable!

the nativity

No 4. 2011’s ‘The Long Wait’.

Slow Moving Millie covered The Smiths for this super cute ad featuring a super cute little dude who just can’t wait to give his mum her pressie. It moved me a tiny bit but as a person with no maternal instincts, the wee lad didn’t tug on the heartstrings as much as a penguin would.

penguin eating fish fingers

Leading me to No.3, this year’s effort ‘Monty the Penguin’.

I love penguin’s, like really, really love them so when I saw this year’s Ad I melted. Now all I want for Christmas is a pet penguin (Jody if you read this, a cuddly one will suffice). The only reason this is at number three is because of Tom Odell’s cover of  The Beatle’s ‘Real Love’ – I just think it’s a bit poo.

the bear and the hare

At No.2 2013’s ‘The Bear and the Hare’.

A bear who misses the festive season every year is given an alarm clock by his hare buddy so he can finally see Christmas. The look on the bear’s face when he see’s the tree for the first time get’s me every bloody time. The song ‘Somewhere only we Know’ is pretty good too (Originally by Keane, covered by Lily Allen).

the snowman

And finally at No,1 – The Journey
The snowman braves all sorts of crap to go get his snow girlfriend a hat, scarf and gloves – He returns triumphant and wins her heart..Who wouldn’t be warmed up by this chilly love story?
With a stunning soundtrack by Gabriella Aplin, (A cover of ‘The Power of Love’ by Frankie goes to Hollywood), The Journey is definitely my favourite. I think everyone in the UK felt a bit sad when they went past sad, half melted snowmen that year.

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