My Alphabet Scarf

alder hey alphabet scarf


The temperature’s dropping the night’s are getting darker and Christmas is starting to rear it’s head.
I LOVE winter woolies and every year I tend to get a new hat or scarf. This year I saw am article on the Metro website (here) about these alphabet scarves.
Advocated by Jessie J, Keith Lemon and Jimmy Carr, these beauties are from Matalan and come in a variety of colours and (of course) all 26 lettets of the alphabet.
And the best part?
At £10 some may fine these pricy compared to scarves from Primark BUT the whole £10 goes to the Alder Hey Children’ Charity. You can also buy a children’s size for £5 (Bargain!)
Alder Hey and Matalan are working together to raise money to provide the lastest in technology, equipment and facilities so children can be given the best possible healthcare available.
The scarves are super long and snuggly and they are beautifully made. I personally think they would make a wonderful christmas gift and you can sleep easy knowing you have done a small thing that could make a big difference.
Find the scarves here.
Let me know if you decide to buy one!

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