A Few of My Favourite Things Tag

favourite things
A few of my favourite things.
1. Products/things: Links of London Friendship bracelet, Alexander McQueen Scarf, Coconut Body Butter
2. Foods:  Garlic Bread, McCoys Crisps, Bourbon Biscuits
3. Places: My Mum and Dad’s house, The Natural History Museum, Orlando Florida.
4. Things you’d miss if you didn’t have them: My family, My dogs and my Engagement Ring

5. Things you do when you’re bored: Read, Eat, Blog
6. Things you enjoy when it’s sunny: Twister Ice Lollies, Walking, Wearing Shorts
7. Films: The Madagascar series, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Wolf of Wall Street
8. Songs: Slide Away by Oasis, Many of Horror by Biffy Clyro, Blank Space by Taylor Swift
9. Brands: Urban Decay, Topshop, Barry M
10. Outdoor things you like: Fireworks, BBQ’s, Water Parks

(FYI, I got this pic from Google. My Wishes pics were terrible).
11. Events: The Lead up to Christmas, Christmas,Leeds festival
12. Cartoons: The Simpsons, Recess and Dexter’s Lab
13. Buildings: The Sagrada Familia, Wonderworks in Orlando, Parent’s House.
14. Anything in everyday life: Laughing at some thing silly with Jody, Dogs, Starry Nights
15. Traits in a person: Sense of Humour, Honest, Interesting to talk too.
16. Influences: My Mum, David Attenborough, Leonardo DiCaprio
17. Drinks: Hot Chocolate, Pepsi, Apple Juice
18. Experiences: Going to Florida for our first proper couple holiday, Finishing my NVQ, Moving to Australia
19. Things to watch: Vikings, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad
20. Youtubers: Sorry but I don’t go on youtube!
21. Blogs: Milk Bubble Tea, Zoe London and Hannah Gale
22. Books: Harry Potter, The First Last Kiss and Bridget Jones


  • Catherine

    06/11/2014 at 1:01 pm

    Bourbon biscuits and Harry Potter, perfect.
    Will definitely be doing this tag soon! xx

    Catherine / caffrinc.blogspot.co.uk

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