Tuesday, 25 November 2014

18 signs you're getting older.

1. Kids. People are having kids because they want them, What?

2. When someone cancels on you, you are secretly relieved because you can binge watch Breaking Bad.
3. You can go out for a couple of drinks and actually go home after a couple of drinks.
4. Watching The X Factor and ordering a takeaway is your idea of a wild night in.
5. You don't understand the fashion in Topshop or River Island anymore.
6. And another thing Topshop..DJ's in shops? Eh??? (Contributed by Jody)
7. You find yourself looking at the calories in food..If you haven't started doing this yet then don't. It will haunt you.
8. Your friend's go out for meals for their birthdays instead of having a RAGING piss up in the pub.
9. Radio 2 is your radio channel of choice. Radio 1 makes your head hurt.
10. You just can't justify a £100 dress anymore. That's a big food shop right there.
11. No longer can you go out 3 nights in a row..Or 2...Or even 1....
12. Nor can you stay out partying until the birds wake up....
14. Going into a nightclub is like going into a creche. Drunk 18 year olds know what I'm saying? *shudders*
15. To be honest anyone under 18 does your head in. Was I that annoying?
16. It makes you sad to see Fireman Sam and Postman Pat in all their CGI glory. What happened to kid's TV anyway?
17. You now understand why your parents shouted at you all the time and why they
were always so stressed. Working 37.5 hours a week is hard.
18. 'I'm skint' is a regular phrase in your vocab.
I know, I know..At 25 I am not considered OLD - But the point I'm trying to make is that I can no longer spend all my wage on Smirnoff or in Topshop. 
Sad Times.


  1. This post is so funny I honestly agree with every statement here!

    Also drinking is more appealing sat in your pj's watching rubbish tv I can't stand the thought of going out drinking anymore.

    I love this so much :)

    1. Staying is much more appealing, especially now it's dark and cold here! x

  2. Oh dear lord, this is spot on. And I'm not even from UK but these can still be applied only a bit differently. :D