Friday, 17 October 2014

My Wanderlust List

I'm pretty sure everyone in the WORLD has a bucket list. It's not a very original subject to blog about but personally, I love reading about what other people want to get up to during the course of their lives.

My upcoming trip to Oz has got me thinking about what else I would like to do so here is my little list for your reading pleasure, what would be on yours?
swedish ice hotel

Stay in The Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.
This is a room from the newly carved Ice Hotel - It takes 8 weeks to build and 12 weeks to melt.
I've wanted to go ever since my Nannie went when I was younger and said how incredible it was. so much skill and care goes into something so temporarily beautiful. How could you not want to spend a night here?

Get a traditional bamboo tattoo.
As a big fan of body art (I need to get more!) I would love to get a traditional bamboo tattoo done. This 3,000 year old method looks painful but I think the end result is so elegant and wonderful!

banff national park

Visit Canada.
Just looking at this picture of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada sends shivers down my spine. Such a beautiful, clean looking country with so much wildlife! I would really like to see wild Killer Whales and Polar Bears so Canada would be ideal.

Pretend to be a gladiator in Rome.
Well go see all the sights and museums anyway! As a big history art nerd Rome/Italy has always been on my hitlist.

las vegas neon sign

Get Married in Vegas.
I have never ever dreamed of a big fairytale wedding and I hate being the centre of attention. J have always talked about having a small weekend but this year we finally decided we would go do it in Vegas just us two - he vetoed an Elvis Minister though.

Cuddle a tiger cub.
I am animal obsessed. I know that baby tigers aren't meant for cuddling but it would only be for 5 seconds then I could put it down...Maybe.

Go to a proper Spa.
I've had neck and head massages done a couple of times due to working in an Aveda Lifestyle salon but I would love a fully body massage, facial, the works one day, Preferably with a vodka in one hand and the beach less than 100m away,

baby orangutans

Volunteer at an Orangutan sanctury.
Orang-utans are incredible. They look so soulful and chilled and it makes me sad to think that illegal loggers are ruining their homes and decreasing their numbers. I would love to help at a sanctuary or even just go see them in their natural habitat.

Go to a Damien Hirst exhibition.
Some people are fans of his, some people aren't. I am. I would love to see everything close up. This would defo be a solo jaunt without J because he falls into the 'I don't get it category'.

lion cub

Safari in Africa.
Can you tell I'm an animal person yet? This one you can blame on being obsessed with The Lion King from the age of two.  Ideal scenario - Safari, Balloon ride over the Savannah, sleeping in a treehouse. Perfect.

Volunteer at La Tortuga Feliz
La Tortuga Feliz is an organisation in Costa Rica who help patrol beaches, protect baby turtles and look after ailing turtles. Seeing the baby turtles make a bid for freedom and help them get to the sea safely would be amazing. And whilst in Costa Rica I'd go check out some sloth sanctuaries too.

venice canals

See the Venice Canals and the Murano Glass blowers.
Again Venice appeals to the inner art history geek inside me. J is in total agreement about going here with me, regardless of the citie's supposed smell. Glass Blowing fascinating so to go to the Murano Glass workshops would be pretty sweet. 


Fucking Bruges.
Chances are if I didn't love the movie In Bruges so much, I'd have never even known it existed. I like seeing places where films were made and Bruges looks quite picturesque. Boring though if you go by Colin Farrell's character in the movie's judgement.

Celebrate New Year in another country.
This one is going to be pretty easy seeing as I arrive in Perth, WA on the 29th of December! Hopefully we will see the new year in on the beach.


Visit Ireland.
To say it's only over the pond, I've never made it to Ireland..It just looks so green and lush. Perfect for a walking kinda holiday.

Live in a camper van.
Okay this one is a possibility if we do decide to go full on travelling in Australia when our visa is nearly finished!
findland hotel

Stay at Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland.
Igloos with glass roof's so you can see the Northern Lights. Everything about that sentence is perfect. Throw in a husky sled ride and I'm sold.
bora bora overwater bungalow 

Spend a week in Bora Bora.
After seeing Couples Retreat J's dream is to spend a week in Bora Bora. I wouldn't mind either! It's mega pricey but from what I hear, it's worth every penny. 

hobbiton new zealand

Visit Hobbiton.
The best thing about The Lord of the Rings films are the stunning locations used. While we are in Oz we are hoping to visit friends in NZ so having a tour around Hobbiton is top of my list.

Try some new dishes.
I'm quite adventurous when it comes to different meats (maybe not so much veg) and I really want to try some exotic meats - Kangaroo, Shark, Snake, etc. Getting used to spicy food is something I want to try aswell.

christmas lights in new york

Spend Christmas in New York.
After growing up with films like Home Alone 2 and Elf, who wouldn't want to go to New York at Christmas time? The ultimate dream is to see all the window displays and go ice skating at the Rockerfeller Centre like they do in the films. J hates big cities but I'm sure I will talk him round everntually!

Run a marathon.
As I don't run AT ALL this one is a long, long way away..If it ever gets ticked off at all. But it's good to have goals even if the farthest you get to completing them is watching other people do them on the tv right?

gringotts dragon
See a Dragon.
Okay not just any dragon, The GRINGOTTS dragon. I went to Florida last year and it was the best holiday ever - Unfortunately Diagon alleyway was still under construction so we didn't see it, but it just means we have a reason to go back!

Route 66

Go on a Road Trip.
After a great big Aussie adventure we plan on touring America. We fell in love with the place after going to Florida and seeing as we want to go back to Universal studios and get married in Vegas, We may aswell do as much of the country as possible!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Why Australia?

Okay if you saw one of my previous posts - 6 Irrational fears about moving to Australia (Click Here to view!) then you will obviously have gathered that I am going on a Working Holiday Visa to Australia at the end of the year.

I'm headed to Perth,Western Australia and plan on having a decent chunk of time off just to enjoy the beach and adjust to the new lifestyle (and the heat!). After around a month the job search will commence..I'm hoping to get back into hairdressing as I miss being in a salon so much!

But why did we pick Australia instead on NZ or Canada?
(It was a toss up between the three)

map of australian states

1. We have friends in Perth, WA
Travelling is always easier when you already have somewhere to stay. Luckily for us our friends there have their own pad and are letting us crash there while we settle in. We are more than welcome to stay with them but I think after two and a half years of living with J's parents we are ready to live alone, just the two of us!

australia meme

2. The Adventure.
We are going into this with no idea of the outcome. We could get sponsored, we might wanna come home after 3 months. We might stay in Perth, we might not. Australia is big and vast and has a lot of variety so it's definitely a big old adventure for us.


3. The Wildlife and the Scenery.
Jody wants to go shark diving and I want to make friends with koalas/quokkas/wombats and any other animal I can possibly see. It's got a massive diverse range of creatures and we wanna see em all.

australian beach

4. The Beaches and The Sunshine.
As we all know the Uk isn't famed for it's weather. We arrive in Perth (which is meant to have the best beaches) at the height of summer and can't wait to lounge around for a bit..With factor 50 on of course.


5. The Lifestyle.
Everyone has head of the chilled out Aussie lifestyle. Who wouldn't want a piece of that?

6. Getting Away from our Hometown.
I love North Yorkshire. I am so proud of being a northerner and how beautiful the county is...But I need to get away. I need to leave Js family home, have a career change and a bit of a lifestyle overhaul! I feel stuck in a bit if a rut I suppose.

And the main reason?

7. If we don't go somewhere now we might not have the chance again.
Once you hit your twenties time seems to fly and before you know it you have a mortgage, a people carrier and 2.4 kids. I don't want to have any regrets!

All in all I can't wait and things are starting to get very real now...82 days to go!