Tuesday, 22 August 2017

The £6 hair product all bleach blondes need.

For the last year or so I've been championing the Bleach reincarnation mask to anyone who will listen - Work colleagues, my hairdresser Mum, even husband has heard me bang on about it a couple of times. It's fantastic, just take my word for it (It would probably be my desert island/ride or die product if push came to shove). Anyway when I heard Bleach were introducing a make up range, repackaging the old range and also adding some new hair products to their collection, I was pretty excited.

After three weeks part of my order arrived - The Matte Le Blanc lip kit and the Hair Elixir - and I couldn't wait to get home and try them out (I'm still waiting on the Illuminati - Sob!). Unfortunately the lip kit was a bit meh - I just didn't get on with the formula and the colour didn't suit me - but the hair elixir? Now that's another story.

The packaging is really bold - although would you expect anything else from Bleach? - and consists of a glass bottle with a pipette lid, filled with clear liquid. To use you squeeze one full pipette of elixir into your palms, rub together and run through your hair. You can use this on wet or dry hair but I personally prefer to use it on wet as it makes it easier to detangle with my Tangle Teezer. 

But why is it so great?

Well my hair has never felt softer or silkier. Granted, it's still not in tip top shape but this bottle of goodness is definitely helping to improve the overall condition. The reason it's so good is the Avocado oil which is known for it's fab health and beauty benefits but in this case it's because the fatty acids and the antioxidants (like Vitamin E) absorb really well into hair strands (Or so Google tells me.
A word of warning though - If you do decide to buy it and you have fine hair (like myself) just be careful with it around your roots - I slapped it on a bit too liberally the first time I used it and found myself with greasy looking roots and lank ends. I was a bit more controlled the second time I used it and the effect was MUCH better.

It's definitely my new go to hair product despite the initial teething problems.

Unfortunately the Hair Elixir is only available on the Bleach website and as delivery is £4.50 I'm really hoping the range makes it's way onto Boots shelves soon - Cos I'm poor.

Have you used anything from the Bleach London range? What do you think?

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Five good things #14

1. Amazon's 3 paperbacks for £10 offer
Bloody love this offer I do. In an attempt to spend more time offline I decided that now is the time that I get back into reading in a big way. I love getting lost in a book but it's so easy to just slump on the sofa and watch tv after a busy day at work instead of picking up a book. Anyway this time around I went for 'The Dry' by Jane Harper, 'The Hate U Give' by Angie Thomas and 'The Couple Next Door' by Shari Lapena.

2. Primark bobble hats
In the colder months I spend 95% of my time in beanies as there one of the few things that I really suit so when I saw Primark had some A/W stock in I got a bit over excited and treated myself to two new bobble hats. I got a plain black one (£2) and a pink one with a multicoloured bobble (£5) and they're so cosy and warm.

3. My Bleach London order FINALLY arrived
When Bleach announced a make up range would be joining their hair products I was over the moon - I love the Super Cool Colours and the reincarnation mask is my holy grail product (Seriously I recommend it to everyone). I ordered my products at the end of July but as the lip kits weren't in stock I've had to wait three weeks for my order. I'm keeping schtum on what I bought for now so watch this space as a blog post will be coming soon.

4. Three years of Alright Blondie
That's right, this here blog is THREE years old today! I went through all my old posts a while back and deleted the super shit/no longer relevant ones so I couldn't even tell you what my first post was to be honest BUT you can read the first post that I felt was worthy of keeping here. I started blogging to document my travels in Australia and even though I've been home for nearly two years (!!!) I've kept it up which I'm pretty proud of.

5. Spending Saturday AND Sunday with my favourite little people
My parents had my niece and nephew for the weekend so husband and I popped over to see them twice this weekend. Reggie (who is five months old) is just so chilled out and I love tickling him and hearing his little giggle. Ivy on the other hand (who is one and a bit) is a complete whirlwind who is always on the go. They're such little characters and I can't wait till Reggie's a little bit older and can play properly with his sister.

Happy Monday!