Monday, 27 March 2017

Life Lately: A sofa delivery, a new baby and overwhelming happiness

dfs sofa

Bonjour mes amis! A combination of being super busy, having no internet at home and being a little bit lazy mean that this is the first time I've blogged in just over a week. A lot has happened over the last ten days that deserve a mention so pull up a pew and lend me your ear...

After what feels like forever (i.e 6 weeks) I finally moved into my house.
It's been a long time coming but last weekend my boyfriend and I finally moved into our house. It's only small but it's perfect, with loads of storage, a patio and built in wardrobes. It's close to town, we have parking at the back and BONUS there's a park at the top of the street and loads of dogs pass by our house.

And on that very same day, my nephew decided to make an appearance, totally stealing my thunder.
So we were moving in when a text came through from my Mum 'Your sister thinks she's in labour'. I laughed it off, saying that my sister always steal my thunder and never let's me have the limelight but lo and behold, 12 hours later Reggie was with us. He's super cute (just like his sister) and I'm dead chuffed that my sister has one of each sex.

My sofa <3 was delivered on Monday, completing the interiors.
For the first two days in our house we were sat on garden chairs (which was very uncomfortable) but when I came home from work on Monday the sofa had pride of place in our living room. It's so comfy and cosy, I'm so pleased with it.

I joined the dark side and got an iPhone 7.
My Samsung broke (post to come) and it actually ended up being cheaper to get a whole new phone so I opted for an iPhone 7 - My very first iPhone. I can't believe it's taken me so long to get an iPhone as I love it, so much faster than my Samsung was.

I paid off my Macbook and my Argos card.
Last week I made the decision to take a rather large chunk of my savings and pay off the outstanding amount on both my Macbook and my Argos card. It made me do a little cry seeing that much money go out of my bank but at the end of the day it's for the best as I'm not going debt free into my new pad and have about £150 spare a month.

Oh and I tried Five Guys for the first time.
Err yeah, so this isn't quite as huge as the other things I mentioned but it's just as exciting (in my eyes anyway). Mum treated us to a Five Guys when we went to visit Reggie and omfg, it was quite possibly THE BEST cheeseburger I've had the pleasure of eating. The cajun fries were delicious aswell. Life changing.

In short, the last couple have weeks have been really good. I'm the happiest I've been in ages and when I'm at work I can't wait to get home and chill on my sofa. Things are pretty good at the moment and I hope with the lighter nights and improving weather things only continue to get better.

How was your week?

Friday, 17 March 2017

Five things I do when I've had a crappy day

5 things I do when Ive had a terrible day

1. Take my time in the bath/shower.
When I'm feeling particularly grotty I find that taking the time to wash my hair, exfoliate my skin and apply a face mask for the correct amount of time leave me feeling really fresh and ready to turn my day around. It's true what they say, clean body  = clean mind.

2. Talk about it.
Talk to your partner, ring your Mum, meet a friend for a coffee, pour your heart out to your dog...Seriously, talking about what's made your day so terrible or your mood so blue is really therapeutic and can leave you feeling like a weights been lifted off your chest.

3. Forget about the calories and eat something really comforting and filling.
Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in the whole world so it's no surprise that having a really hearty meal really improves my mood. I really like Sausage and Mash with super thick gravy or a jacket potato with beans and heaps of cheese.

4. Watch a Disney movie.
Disney can solve pretty much anything so it's no surprise that I turn to it when I'm having a shit day. Favourites are Frozen (not even sorry), Zootropolis, Hercules and Tarzan. (I can verify that Harry Potter works just aswell as Disney)

5. Turn my phone off (or at least put it somewhere I can't reach it) and aim for an early night.
Sometimes you just need to step away from looking at other people's seemingly perfect lives on Instagram and live in the moment, even if the moment is just watching a movie without constantly checking your phone. Getting rid of your phone at 7pm will hopefully lead to you falling asleep earlier too and a good sleep can work wonders.

What do you do to turn your mood around when you're having a crappy day?