Monday, 24 October 2016

Bloody Mary Metal

Brace yourself cos I'm about to go all Gollum on you...

Recently I was stalking someone on Instagram (#Creepy) when I saw they had some really awesome jewellery adorning their fingers. After doing a bit more digging I found out that they hailed from a Cornish jewellery brand called Bloody Mary Metal.

With quirky designs that I haven't seen anywhere else, Bloody Mary Metal is one of the coolest jewellery brands I've come across in long time. So I bought one ring then bought another within a week.

My first purchase was the Lonely Bone ring (£40) - I was tempted by the crossbones ring but I thought this one as it's a lot more understated, perfect for wearing to work. I love that despite a bone being quite macabre, the ring is very delicate and looks really pretty.

My second buy was the Air Alchemy (£45) ring which doubles up as the Earth sign aswell. I'm not particularly interested in alchemy or the elements, I was just drawn to the strong and powerful design.

These rings look great when worn seperate or together and since buying I've barely taken them off. If anyone wants to know what to get me for Christmas I have a BMM list as long as my arm!

Have you heard of Bloody Mary Metal? Or do you know of any similar kind of brands there you can recommend to me?

Standard delivery is £4 (tracked, arrived within 3 days but can take 48 hours upon order completion), Express is £6 (24 hours, tracked) and special is £8 (signed for).

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Sunday Catch Up #34

alright blondie
 Ahh another week done and dusted. That Smonday feeling is slowly setting in and another working week looms ahead. Let's talk about this week just gone eh?

Another New Look
I redesigned my blog a while ago and at first it was okay but I soon fell out of love with it. It looked unprofessional, messy and it just wasn't very inspiring. I decided to go back to blogger fave Pipdig for my new layout and I love it. Grey is one of my favourite colours, it looks clean and it feels uber professional. I've got a bazillion new ideas for content that I need to write and take photos for so the fresh wave of inspiration combined with the new layout feels a bit like a new start for Alright Blondie.

Sons of Anarchy
Jody started watching SOA without me as I'd already given it a go and couldn't get into it. When he started season 2 all that changed and I was hooked. We smashed through seasons 2&3 and then we just stopped watching it for no apparent reason....Until now. We're both fully invested (again) and we're hoping to finish series 4 this eve.

Bloody Ikea Furniture
I spent the best part of today setting up a Brimnes bookcase (£55) with Jody - I'm happy to report that we didn't kill each other whilst doing so -  and it looks really good. We've had a huge declutter and have rearranged all the furniture so now the room feels a lot bigger and cleaner, yay! Next weekend's project is some Malm drawers so there's still time for us to fall out over flatpack furniture.

And there we have it, enjoy your week!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Kat Von D Beauty: Lock it Foundation & Primer

kat von d lock it foundation and primer
Despite saying I would wait until I went to London to buy any of the KVD make up, I ended up cracking and ordered the lock it foundation and primer from the Debenhams website.

I've been a fan of Kat Von D's ever since I saw her on Miami Ink and I've been waiting years and years for her make up collection to be released in the UK. (I'm from Yorkshire no way am I paying US shipping costs). I've seen mixed reviews about these products so I thought I'd share my feelings on them here.

kat von d lock it foundation and primer
The Packaging:
The packaging is actually really cool, I'm pretty sure Kat Von D does all the art work for the liner herself too so technicaly you have a piece of KVD art. It's the mos intricate foundation bottle I've ever seen, perfect to use as a prop in blog photos. The pump is designed to dispense the perfect amount of product and there's a handy stopper thingy to pop back in the foundation chute when you're done.

The Primer:
The primer comes out white but is (obviously) sheer once applied to the skin. It's quite runny especially compared to the foundation and feels super hydrating. As promised it's quite lightweight and doesn't feel plasticky like some primers I can think of. It's a nice base for the foundation, ensuring that it doesn't go 'cakey' or settle into fine lines.

kat von d lock it foundation and primer
The Foundation:
I ordered shade 46 Cool and it's a perfect match. As I was ordering online I used Findation and the Temptalia Foundation Matcher to work out what shade would be best and luckily my gamble paid off. I popped a pea sized blob on my hand to test it and it is really thick, it didn't run at all. On first application (with fingers, no primer) it was really cakey, settling in fine lines and on dry patches but when I used a damp beauty blender to apply it, the results were a million times better.

The Results:
To summarise I lovelovelove the Kat Von D foundation and primer and despite the hefty price tag I will be repurchasing. I have dry skin, an uneven skin tone, large pores and I'm prone to breakouts - These two products help with all of them, making me feel a hell of a lot more confident when I'm out and about. My only niggle is that without the primer or a damp beauty blender the foundation doesn't look good at all - Flawless with them though so I can't really complain can I?

Have you tried any of the Kat Von D make up? What's your favourite item?