Wednesday, 26 April 2017


why you should vote in the 2017 general election

Today we are going to talk about politics. Yep that's right the dreaded P word. If you aren't interested or don't care then please feel free to press the little x in the right hand corner of your screen - I won't take offence I promise.

(But you should care because it's essentially a vote for your future).

Before I start babbling on let me make it clear - I am not here to ram my beliefs down your throat. I am purely making a case as to why you should vote and why it's important. Obviously it would be nice if you voted the same as me but that's not how the world works.

I decided to use my little corner of the internet to talk about the importance of voting because despite not really talking about it on here before, politics are something that genuinely interest me (just ask my non interested in politics boyfriend - he's sick of listening to me harping on and turning off his programmes to watch the news)

Anyhow, it literally takes two minutes to register to vote - Make sure you have your national insurance number to hand, click on this link, fill in your name, address and NI number and BOOM. You're all set. Registration closes on the 22nd of May so get to it.

Some Stats

Okay so in the 2010 elections only 29.7 million out of the 45.6 million people eligible voted.

In the 2015 elections only 66% of the UK voted meaning 34% did not.

And finally - Brexit - 72% of the population voted, 28% did not. 16,141,241 (48.1%) voted to remain and 17,410,742 (51.9%) voted to leave.

An article I read told me that that's roughly 13 million people who didn't vote.

(I found all these stats online on various government/newspaper sites - If they are incorrect please do let me know so I can fix them! It was a lot harder to get my mitts on statistics that I thought it would be).

So why should you vote?

'It's only one vote, why does it matter if I do it or not'
When you take into consideration that the difference between us leaving or remining in the EU was 1,269,501 votes, then 13 million extra voters could have meant we remained in the EU (or we could have still decided to leave, you never know do you?). So for all those people who don't think your vote counts - It really really does, especially when you look at the above figures. If those 13 million people had decided to vote they could have really changed the outcome of Brexit.

'It won't affect me in the long run so what's the point?'
What if something were to happen to the NHS? What if you broke your leg, had to call an ambulance, get your leg cast in the hospital then receive physio afterwards and there was no NHS? It would cost you a fuck tonne of money that's what. If a party decided to cut money from the national health service it would definitely affect you in the long run and trust me, after paying for treatment in Australia I will forever be grateful for the services the NHS provides.

'But who do I vote for? My Mum's voting for XXX but I'm not really sure if I agree with their policies'
At the end of the day you are voting for YOUR future - Don't vote for someone just because your mum or your boyfriend or your boss is voting for them. Like I said your vote really does count. Instead do your research, read manifestos - Hell, you can try reaching out to your local MP's and ask them what they plan on doing for your constituency if they were to get a seat in parliament. It's all about educating yourself and making an informed decision about what you believe in and what you would like to happen in the next five years.

Even though I don't think you should vote for a party just because so and so is voting for them, I do think you should take into consideration what would happen to the country on a whole if a certain party was to get in power. Look at the  the con's of the parties as well as the pros and look into the MP for your area or who they would have as PM. Look at how them getting in to power would affect the rich, the poor, the disabled, the young, the old, the upper class, the middle class, the working class, the environment, the health service, the fire and police departments, schools...I could go on and on.

Basically you should just make sure it's an informed decision okay?

Still confused about who to vote for?

Jeremy Corbyn's ten pledges to transform Britain
The Conservative's manifesto
The Liberal Democrat's vision
What the Green Party stand for
The Ukip manifesto*

As I'm based in England I haven't added direct links to some of the parties - sorry! - You can however read about the others such as the SNP and Plaid Cymru via this link. I did originally have

And there you have it - Hopefully some of you find this post helpful, that it hasn't come across as preachy and that you haven't immediately clicked the unfollow button because OMG another 20 something millenial talking about politics, snooze.

I'm actually in the USA when the election takes place so I've registered to vote by proxy meaning my Mum's going to go in my place and vote for me. Again, you can register to vote here and you need to register by the 22nd of May (this deadline is for votes done in person, by post and by proxy) - If you don't you will be unable to vote on the 8th of June!

Happy voting!

*DISCLAIMER: I really really didn't want to share UKIP's manifesto (and almost didn't) as I agree with very little of their beliefs (and think Nigel Farage is a bit of a nob) but as I said I don't want to ram my opinion down your throat and in the interests of being fair I believe it's only right to share it so you can make an informed decision when it comes to voting. Even if it does make me want to do a little vomit including them on here.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

REVIEW: Girlboss


I spent the large majority of my Sunday on the sofa watching Girlboss - A) because I was curious, B) because I wanted to review it whilst it was still relevant and C) well, I actually really liked it.

For those who aren't in the know, Girlboss is actually loosely based on the memoir by Nasty Gal creator, Sophia Amoruso. It chronicles the rise of her company and how she went from misfit who regularly stole and dumpster dived to CEO of a multi million dollar clothing company.

Now, I haven't read her memoir so I didn't really know much about her when I decided to watch the series. I mean I knew of Sophia (and all the controversy surrounding Nasty Gal) but I didn't know the ins and outs of how Nasty Gal came to be.

SO how did Nasty Gal come to be and what is the series about?

The nub and gist of it is this: Girl buys vintage jacket for next to nothing, sells on Ebay for a lot of something, starts Ebay business selling vintage clothes and BOOM, the rest is history. The series chronicles Sophia's journey to the top, showing us the highs and lows of setting up a business and becoming your own boss.

girlboss netflix review

Before I start gushing on about why I liked it, I thought I'd discuss the one reason why I really, really did not like it at first - And why a lot of other people didn't like it either.

So what's the biggest problem with Girlboss? Sophia herself.

I dunno if Sophia was that selfish, rude and ungrateful in real life but if she was then wow, what a bitch. She comes across as extremely narcissistic and often treats the people who love her like garbage, giving zero fucks about how her attitude and behaviour affects them.

Quite frankly, she's annoying.

Luckily by the end of the series she comes to realise that having her family and friends by her side can help her rather than hinder her (kind of) but it's hard to forget how much of a pain in the ass she was in the beginning. 

I saw a review that said 'Girlboss is much more fun once it stops trying to prove it's heroine is such an asshole' and that sums it up perfectly in my opinion.

girlboss netflix review

Now it's time to talk about on the good.

How do you keep your audience interested when your heroine is a bit self absorbed bellend? You add some serious style that most women will envy, throw in some pop culture references - Any OC fans here? Keep an eye out for a nod to Marissa's death -  to add a bit of nostalgia and have a stellar supporting cast of characters who completely carry the show, that's what.

Sophia may be a bit of a div (especially in the beginning) but the people surrounding her are simply fabulous. 

From Lionel (Ru Paul) who lives in the apartment opposite, BFF Annie (Ellie Reed) to art school drop out Nathan (Cole Escola), the supporting characters are the saving grace of the programme (Seriously, I'm rooting for an Annie spin off, she's such a good character) and the reason that I watched it long enough to find out that Sophia actually redeems herself by the end of episode 13.

girlboss netflix review

So....Do I think you should watch it? Well yes and no.

If you can't get past Sophia's bad attitude and switch off? Well you'll live. It's an alright programme sure but I don't think everyone will buy into her story or her so I don't blame people for switching off. It's not exactly a must watch like Breaking Bad or Making a Murderer. 

However if you can get past the ego of Sophia, then chances are you will probably enjoy Girlboss as it's quite inspiring to see just how much she believed in herself and how much work went into building her company. 

One thing watching Girlboss has taught me is that if you don't believe in yourself then you're never going to do the thing you want to do so maybe (key word - maybe) it's time I got off my arse, put on my big girl pants and tried to do something about those pesky dreams and goals of mine.

Again, maybe.

What did you think to Girlboss? Were you sold on it or did you turn it off after a few episodes?

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Three new events in my 2017 diary

2017 diary

At the beginning of February I shared a post detailing what I was going to be getting up to in 2017 and as we all know sometimes our plans change. Aswell as cancelling a few things - like my tattoo and an overnight stay in Liverpool - I've also added a couple of fun things that I'm really excited about!

1. A night out in Blackpool with the girls.
On Friday our boyfriend's are flying to Spain for a stag do so obviously we girls decided (whilst drunk) that a big girly night out was a must whilst they were away. We settled on Blackpool as it's cheap, tacky and a lot of fun! I'm not looking forward to doing the two hour journey home hungover but hey, should be a good night.

2. An overnight stay in London in August.
The boyfriend hates London but as all I've done is talk about Wicked since I saw it in November he's slowly come around to the idea of an overnight stay so he can be introduced to Elphaba and Galinda. We've decided to go in August as I've never been in Summer and we are hoping to squeeze in a go on the London Eye (it was closed when we last went), a walk through Hyde Park and a visit to the James Bond in Motion exhibition.

3. Watching Nick Helm in Leeds in October.
I've been a fan of Nick Helm's since I saw him on Russell Howard's good news and have followed his career ever since. When I saw he was touring in October I decided to snap up some tickets to the Leeds show as they were only £15 a pop - Well worth it!

Have you added anything fun to you calendar recently?

Friday, 21 April 2017

How did I spend my Easter weekend?

Five years ago a four day bank holiday would have meant four nights in the pub and a severely depleted bank balance but now the idea of spending a long weekend that way just feels like a waste.

Instead I had an extremely average, terribly grown up weekend that involved zero alcohol (which was good because it meant zero hangovers), lots of food and ticking off some extremely mundane tasks off my to do list.

Now that I have my own place the prospect of staying in on a weekend isn't that bad and I actually really enjoyed having a chilled out weekend where my biggest worry was what I was going to have for tea.

It might not have been to everyone's taste but I had a great weekend - I didn't realise how in need of a few days off I was - so here's what I got up too:

- I tried out the L'oreal Infalliable Matte Foundation that's currently receiving a lot of blogger love. It's ok I guess but you have to be fast applying it as it dries extremely fast. I maybe need a slightly darker shade as I look like I'm wearing a death mask if I don't pop some bronzer over the top.

- The boyfriend and I spent a silly amount of hours going through photos from our travels, reminiscing about the good times and selecting ones we want to print off and frame for our gallery wall (that I mentioned here).

- Speaking of gallery wall, on Saturday morning we headed to IKEA, making sure we were there early so we wouldn't have to spend an hour looking for a car parking space. We bought 17 photo frames as we want to create a gallery wall, some cute tea light lanterns and a couple of succulents that will hopefully still be alive this time next month.

- Spent time with the littlies in the family and finally got to see my 4 week old nephew awake (seriously that kid has been asleep every time I've seen him). Obviously my 11 month old niece was on top form as per usual and I can't wait for when they're old enough to play together.

- Cleaned the bathroom, took some meter readings, got a Tesco shop delivered, set up a joint bank account and paid for our NYC hotel - That's some serious adulting isn't it?
How did you spend your Easter weekend?*
*Yes I know I'm almost a week late haha!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

5 tips on how to make a rental property feel like home

making a rental property feel like home

I've been living in my new house for exactly one month now and it well and truly feels like home now. We got quite lucky with our little house as it's decorated very much to my taste and as it's quite small it was really easy to put our own stamp on it. 

When it came to buying furniture and decorating the house we didn't have a very big budget but I feel  we've done okay with the money we had, making the house feel cosy, comfortable and extremely welcoming.

It might not be to everybody's taste but I personally love it (although looking at that photo ^^ I do need to rearrange my mantlepiece as it's looking a bit cluttered!) and coming home to my house after a hard day at work fills me with so much joy.

So how did I make a rented house feel like home?

Ikea photo frames

Fiskbo 10x15 -65pFiskbo 50x70 - £5

Create a gallery wall somewhere in the house.
The best way to make a house feel like a home? Plaster the place in photos of your face. Jody and I ordered a load of Photos from Photobox (5p a pop) then bought 15 Fiskbo frames (65p) from IKEA in various colours. We then stuck the frames up with some Unibond no more nails tape so we didn't lose our bond by destroying the walls with nails and ta-da we now have a gallery wall (or the start of one anyways, we ran out of tape and the photos haven't arrived yet).

If you aren't a fan of photos then you can also do the other thing we did - We bought yet another Fiskbo frame (Can't remember what size it was but it cost a fiver) and filled it with gig, attraction and travel tickets as a nice little reminder of all our past adventures.

primark bedding

Get yourself to Primark and buy some jazzy bedding.
Most homes are decorated in neutral colours and a lot of landlords aren't game for your re-decorating so what can you do to make your bedroom feel like your own? Well go to Primark and pick up some of their cute, colourful and cheap bedding. This king size duvet cost us £14 and the undersheet was £7 - Absolute bargain and look how much it brightens up the room!

ikea furniture

Brimnes bookcase -£55

Co-ordinate your furniture (if possible) and have colour themes. 
In our living room the furniture is all black (bought from Argos), our kitchen appliances are purple (A mix of Argos and Wilko) and our bedroom furniture is white (Ikea). Having a colour scheme running through your rooms doesn't have to be expensive and it can really pull a room together, making it feel more like home.

dfs sofa

Matalan Mongolian faux fur cushion - £8, Primark leopard throw, DFS sofa.

Make your living room a cosy den that you can't wait to get home too. 
In most houses the living room is the central hub, where you sit and talk about how your day was, cuddle up to watch tv or chill our after a busy day at work. it's important to make it a safe haven, a place where you can shrug off your worries and stress and just relax.

My living room is full of candles and lanterns (you can see them below) so aswell as smelling devine it has a really lovely ambience, especially when the curtains are closed and I'm all snuggled in my jammies.

Wether you decide to treat yourself to a brand new sofa or stick to your budget and go second hand you can never go wrong chucking a few blankets and throws on their to turn it into the perfect den - I've gone for a lie down on my sofa five times and five times I've fallen asleep: It's just so god dam cuddly!

primark planers

Primark animal planters £6, Socker plant pot £1.50Succulents £2

ikea lantern

Rotera lantern £2, Primark sea salt and lavender candle £2

hanging hot air balloon

Remember that furnishing your house and making it look good doesn't have to be an expensive do.
At the end of the day the most important thing to remember is that you don't have to spend loads and loads of money to make your house feel like your own. Pretty much everything I've featured in this post comes from Ikea, Argos, Wilko, Primark and Matalan and I think my house looks pretty nice despite the low price tags of its contents.

So there you have it - How I've made my rented house feel like a home. If you rent how did you put your own stamp on your pad? 

This post was written in collaboration with Satsuma Loans but all thoughts, opinions and love for cheap homeware is my own.